About Me

I am a Dartmouth College '21 double majoring in Computer Science and Asian Societies Cultures and Languages with a concentration in Chinese Language. I'm excited to be joining MITRE for full time employment after I graduate in June. If you want to learn more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile. If you would like a copy of my resumé, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or shoot me an email.


  • Several years ago, I made a website for Boxford Animal Hospital. It was my first real experience with dynamic web design and the first time I created a website start to finish for an independent company.

  • At Metrohacks 2016, I worked with some friends to create a very simple Chrome extension called Spectabular, which is used to save tabs in Chrome.

  • During spring term 2020, I helped make Chef's Kiss for a database class. It is a very simple site that allows you to create, view, and save recipes.

  • Currently I am working on developing Tickerstrat.io, a financial simulation tool for computer scientists. At the moment, this is just a pet-project I am working on with a friend to better our skills with Rust and web development.

Fun fact: this website is being served to you via a server I wrote in Rust running on a Raspberry Pi 2.